Win2k3 & perfmon module

Hi! Running metricbeat 6.2.1 and we're trying to capture perfmon stats regarding CPU from an old a## Windows 2003 server and nothing seems to be coming through.

First, can Metricbeat and this version of beat even scrape perfmon stats from Windows 2003 boxes?

Second, this is correct yeah?:

- module: windows
  metricsets: ["perfmon"]
  period: 10s
    - instance_label: ""
      instance_name: "Total"
      measurement_label: "" 
      query: '\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time'



I ran metricbeat in the terminal and am getting this error:

D:\metricbeat\metricbeat-6.2.1-windows-x86>metricbeat.exe -c "D:\metricbeat\metr
icbeat-6.2.1-windows-x86\\metricbeat.yml" -path.home "D:\metricbeat\metricbeat-6
.2.1-windows-x86" "C:\\ProgramData\\metricbeat" -path.logs "C:\\Progr
panic: Failed to find PdhAddEnglishCounterW procedure in pdh.dll: The specified
procedure could not be found.

goroutine 54 [running]:*LazyProc).mustFind(0x

that mean anything to anyone? the stack trace goes on if anyone's interested.

According to the documentation from Microsoft for PdhAddEnglishCounter the minimum supported version is Windows Server 2008.

I would have to do some research to see how that function is used and if there is an alternative that would work on win2k3. There might also be other PDH functions that Metricbeat uses that are not available in win2k3.

Metricbeat isn't officially supported on Windows 2003 and there is no testing done on that operating system.

Cool thanks.

No need to look further. This thing is so old there's really no need to troubleshoot. We just need to upgrade on our side :slight_smile:

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