Windows-agnet encrypted communication configuration

How do I configure the certificate path for windows-agnet encrypted communication? I have tried to change the yml file, but the Error message is "Error: yaml: line 20: did not find expected hexdecimal number". Please tell me how to specify the windows path.

It's not clear what you are referring to here sorry, what is "windows-agnet", do you mean agent? What agent?

Elasti-agent on windows. The communication between nodes of my ELK is encrypted. If elastic agent is installed on the LINUX operating system, it can also achieve encrypted communication. However, after the installation of the windows operating system, communication fails and logs cannot be obtained. In the windows Elasti-Agent log, it was found that the path it was looking for the encryption certificate was not the path I had specified when I installed Elasti-Agent.

Thanks for clarifying.

It'd be useful if you shared your config and the error so someone can assist.

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