Windows filebeat is not shipping logs


I have elk stack installed on my ubuntu and everything works fine.
I installed filebeat on windows 8.1 to transfer the log file to elasticsearch (found on ubuntu) and faced with a problem.

When starting the filebeat service with the "start-service filebeat" command in powershell, no data is transferred (no new index appears in kibana) but when I run the command ".\Filebeat.exe -e" in powershell, the new index appears in kibana.
Tell me what am I doing wrong?

My filebeat.yml configuration:

  • type: log

    enabled: true
    tags: ["windows"]


    • c:\log\ test.log


hosts: [""]

This problem is now absent. Perhaps it appeared due to the fact that in the folder where the file for "filebeat.inputs" lay there were files and folders named in Cyrillic. After deleting these files and folders after a while, the problem disappeared.

Perhaps this is a coincidence

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