Newbie Elastic Kibana filebeat 7.6 not working

I have tried over and over and I followed these steps each in a separate window of powershell

Elastic .\bin\elasticsearch.bat
Kibana .\bin\kibana.bat


Status Name DisplayName

Stopped filebeat filebeat

.\filebeat.exe modules enable panw
Enabled panw

Start-Service filebeat


Windows firewalls is off, i can see syslogs sent on UDP port 9001. On clicking Discover in kibana i can see filebeat-*. I did not modify any .yml files, straight download form the website, and trying to follow the steps to get things moving and this is where it stops each time. No username or password windows 10/ubuntu 18. It seems there are no logs getting through the application. alos on clicking logs it says there are no logs to display.

Any i resolve this

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