Winlogbeat speeding the clock

Dear all,

In our environment we installed winlogbeat 6.3.2 version . Found in only windows 2008 R2 servers clock speeding up. Is it a known issue? From which version this issue resolved?


Hi @Vijayakumar_Kannan,

This seems to be a known issue related to the Go runtime, more details here:

In which version of winlogbeat this issue resolved for windows 2008 R2 ?

If you’re a client of Elastic the company, I would recommend you open a support ticket to see if they have an official stance or custom solution for their clients because Winlogbeat is still listed as supporting win2008r2, surprisingly I guess?

My understanding of this issue and I don’t think anything changed, is that this is not fixed in any newer version of Winlogbeat AND will likely not/never be fixed.
That would be because the issue is in the Go language used by the Beats software and the maintainer of the language have announced they would accept a fix but will probably never make one themselves because only very old windows OS are affected.

Windows 2008r2 have only a few months of life left so I hope you’re already planning the upgrade to a newer Windows version since you don’t really have a choice, that will fix your issue.

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