With ES Basic License, Can We Use X-Pack Free Features in Our Commercial Products without Pay

As described in the title, we want to use the x-pack free features, like upgrade assist,in our commercial product? Can we use it with basic license without pay?


I'd engage with the partner team here to make sure about what you can do and what you can't. See https://www.elastic.co/about/partners/contact

Thx @dadoonet. Currently, we want to use the ES Deprecation Info and Kibana Upgrade Assist. As it's still not finally decided yet, before that, i need to confirm here that we can use both of these features with basic license in our commercial products.
I already checked the license and feature matrix https://www.elastic.co/cn/subscriptions. Look's like it's possible.
If we can use without pay, i will register the contact info to check more detail.

You need to check that with the right people. I can't affirm that your understanding is correct as I don't know how it works with OEM.

Just use the contact form and they will be able to assist.

@dadoonet, ok, thx. registering

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