WMS layer issue in Kibana

(Emil Mirzayev) #1

Hi there. I encounter a problem when trying to add WMS layers to my visualization. When I use native Kibana viz, it works perfectly. When adding a WMS layer, the original map which Kibana has in background (Openstreet) disappears. However, the points in the layers I try to add, indeed appear on map, but without background. I will upload two images with and without WMS layer in case it can help.
Does it mean that, we can not just add one layer and we MUST always add some original map layer also?
First image is without WMS layer

Second image with WMS layer

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @emil.mirzayev, currently we only display one layer on the tilemaps, so when you specify the custom WMS layer, it replaces the default layer. If you could create an enhancement request issue in our Github Repo with your specific use-case, it'll allow us to make sure your use-case is considered and it's prioritized appropriately.

(Emil Mirzayev) #3

Hey @Brandon_Kobel, I just followed your advice and made a feature request on GitHub page. Thank you for your answer and input

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