Issue with a WMS layer

I have a problem which seems to be caused by a WMS layer.

I have created a map in Kibana.

The first layer contains some geo markers (created from a geoJSON file). I have set this layer to "visible".

The second layer link to a WMS server. I have set this layer to "hidden".

When I load the map, no data from these two layers is rendered (which is expected for the second layer because of the "hidden" feature but not expected for the first layer!).

If I change the second layer to "visible" the two layers are rendered correctly.

There are no errors in the browser console.

I'm using Elastic 7.9

Hi, I'm afraid I cannot reproduce. In 7.9, I've created a map with a WMS layer and a documents layer (from a GeoJSON source like you), saving the map with the WMS layer hidden.

Opening that map honors the settings.

If you don't mind sharing WMS details, and you can reproduce the error with Kibana demo data, you could export the map object and share it with us for troubleshooting.

Hi @jsanz

Could you try the same conditions but with a third layer being the basemap "Road map"?


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Thanks for this, I could now reproduce.

I reported the issue and will come back with updates. Feel free to chime in if you want to provide further details.

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@m4rk the issue has been fixed on this pull request and will be available in the next Kibana releases.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for reporting.

No problem. Thanks for the fix.

This fix has been backported to 7.9 branch will be included in the upcoming 7.9.1 patch release.


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