Word delimeter graph doesn't work with ICU tokenizer

Hi, I want to be able to search word like "Wi-Fi" by wifi and it is possible with word delimeter graph with whitespace tokenizer.

But I need the icu_tokenizer and then it doesn't work at all, it indexes only "wi" and "fi"
Is there anyway to make it work as expected? Is it a bug or a limitation?

GET /_analyze
  "filter": [
      "type": "word_delimiter_graph",
      "catenate_all": "true"
    "asciifolding", "icu_normalizer"
  "tokenizer": "icu_tokenizer",
  "text": "późno wi-fi  向日葵 สวัสดี ผมมาจากกรุงเ ทพฯ"

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