Word_delimiter hyphen remove but retain


I would like to retain the hyphen in between the words but remove at the beginning or at the end of the word.

For word -ecigarette I would like the hyphen to be removed and search for "ecigarette" return a result, however for e-cigarette I would like search "ecigarette" did not return results.

When I use "type_table":["- => ALPHA"]
for my custom alanyzer then the hyphen retains all the time and searches for "ecigarette" does not return resutls, when I do not use the "type_table" then the phrase is split into two tokens
and search for cigarette also return results which for my settings is not correct.

for words like
how can I create token:

my custom analyzer:
 "custom_word_delimiter_filter": {
            "split_on_numerics": "false",
            "generate_word_parts": "true",
            "catenate_words": "true",
            "generate_number_parts": "true",
            "catenate_all": "false",
            "split_on_case_change": "true",
            "type": "word_delimiter",
            "catenate_numbers": "false",
            "stem_english_possessive": "false",
          "type_table":[" - => ALPHA"]
"my_analyzer": {
            "type": "custom",
            "tokenizer": "whitespace",
            "filter": [

thank you in advance for any suggestions