WordDelimiter in combination with cross_fields

Hi there,

I have a search-query which uses a cross_fields multi_match to look for the searched terms in multiple fields.

The query also contains a word_delimiter on both the searched terms and the terms in the documents. This is to match HP21 to HP 21 and to HP-21.

However I ran into the issue that HP21 will also match a HP 38 with 21% VAT hidden somewhere in another field. This is not desirable.

What I would like:
I would like a way to make the terms that are split by the word-delimiter only match when the found results are in the same field, and preferably next to each other. I still want to match cross fields for all other terms.


{ 'field1': "HP 21", 'field2': "Blue" }

{ 'field1': "HP 38", 'field2': "blue 21% VAT" }

Search term "HP-21 blue".

It should match document 1, because the word delimiter splits HP-21 to HP 21 and those are in proximity to eachother. Blue is in another field, but still matches.

It shouldn't match document 2 because HP-21 is split to HP 21, but 21 is in another field.

Thanks in advance,


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