WorkPlace Search document bulk create url


I have a trial version of Elastic Enterprise search. I created a custom API source at Workplace search.
Can I know what is the URL that I need to use to add documents in bulk.

Here is what I am trying and it gives 404 not sound.[KEY]/documents/bulk_create

Please point me in a right direction.

If you replace [KEY] by the actual key of the custom source, that should work.

Thank you for your help.
I did replace the url with key but still I get 404 error.

I am not sure whether my url is correct. All the documents that I referred points to localhost:3002

POST http://localhost:3002/api/ws/v1/sources/[ID]/documents/bulk_create \

So I was searching for the endpoint for my workload search in elastic cloud.

I think that your url should be something like:

But get it from the cloud console:


Thank you. This is it. It worked perfectly.
Thank you for showing me where to get it in console.