WorkplaceSearch's search results and how to avoid them

I have added some document sources to WokrplaceSearch and have been searching for them.

At this time, I noticed that some of the search terms are not included in the search results.
Is this using the "fuzzy query" technique internally?

This feature is very much appreciated, but on the other hand, there are times when you always want to match the search criteria.
For example, if you want to search for a given IP address, it is a bit annoying to have many similar IP addresses as search candidates.

Is there any way to avoid this shaking of notation, i.e., is it possible to search for an exact match to the search criteria?

I've tried it a few times here, and I think that enclosing the search condition in double quotation marks gives me results that match.
Is this a specification that you are expecting?

Yes, this is the expected behavior. When you search for a string of text, Workplace Search will perform a bool query to Elasticsearch. If the string is not quoted, the query will include multi_match queries with type cross_fields and best_fields. If the string is quoted, query types will be phrase and best_fields. You can read up on those here:

A lot of search engines (such as Google or Bing) use the same convention, when the search string is quoted, it denotes "exact match". Workplace Search is using this convention as well, so that people who came from other search engines can use it intuitively.

I hope that helps.


It's great to have that feature available in WorkplaceSearch by default.
I'm relieved to hear that the intuitive way I used it is exactly how it works.
Thank you very much.