Please help me understand Workplace Search results

I am new to Elasticsearch and currently I am exploring workplace search. I have created couple of documents to search for.

I am wondering why my search is showing multiple results?
My documents has partnumber (unique) and description and few other fields such as OE number, weight and vehicle names.
When I search by unique partnumber = 601391 I was expecting one result. But It shows all products that starts with 60.

Am I missing something? Please help me understand.

Hey @Mymail_Cpn ,

Good question. The first thing to understand is that Workplace Search currently biases towards high recall over high precision. This means that we return any documents that even match a little bit of your query, as opposed to only returning a document that matches every part of your query. This is usually "ok", because we still attempt to sort the large number of results by the best fit. Does your exact-match document come back as the top result?

If you're wanting exact-matching, you can enable that with content source filters. See the docs for those here: Customizing content source filters | Workplace Search Guide [7.15] | Elastic. Combined with Automatic query refinement, this should allow you to use a search string like, "with partnumber 601391", and get back only the single matching document.

Does that help?

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Sean you are exactly right the exact-match document was the first on top of result set.

Thank you for pointing me to the content source filters. It's very helpful for my usecase.

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