Write a search in Kibana to extract indexed fields

Hi Team, I am new kibana and trying to write a search query to extract two fields( transactionDuration, InternalDuration) from logs. can someone please advise? Thanks

Kibana can help you find those fields when the data is indexed into Elasticsearch.

Do you have an Elasticsearch index with this data? Are you able to make an index pattern for that index or indices? When you do that, you can view the data in Discover and then select the field to add as a column in the Discover table.

If you need help getting the data into Elasticsearch, you can check out Filebeat or Logstash which can make a pipeline for the data to get ingested into Elasticsearch.

Thanks for the reply @tsullivan I created an index pattern(grok) and I see in Discover tab those two fields( transactionDuration, InternalDuration). I need write a search that will give me that information and I need to visualize it in kibana.

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