X-Pack Alerting for HTTP(S) health checks


I looked into implementing HTTP(S) health checks using X-Pack.

Problem: I didn't find a way to send a notification if a host was unresponsive. If executing the watch input fails, no actions are ever triggered, regardless of conditions.

Is there a way to do this now/is this something you're considering for the (near) future/should I look somewhere else?


Indeed, this is something that we're looking at changing in the future - so the response codes from an input would be available for conditions, etc., but for now I think you have a few options.

Every time a watch executes, we create a watch history document, which will contain the input error. This means you could create a second watch to look at the watch history and decide to alert or not

My recommended approach is actually a bit different: Use Heartbeat to do the health checking, and build a watch to look at it's output. Heartbeat is a lot more robust and has a number of useful options.

Thanks, Steve. Will check out Heartbeat!

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