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Dear ES community,

I have recently upgraded my cluster from 6.2 to 6.4, everything was fine but now I want to clean up the old x-pack configuration files.
I read the /etc/elasticsearch/x-pack directory is now deprecated because x-pack is now part of the base installation and no more a plugin.

I have these file in the x-pack config dir:


Should I move the files from /etc/elasticsearch/x-pack to /etc/elasticsearch ?
What about the log4j2.properties file which is duplicate?

Thanks for your help.


(Florian Kelbert) #2

Hi @Stefano_Bossi,

The following documentation is quite recent and should answer your question:

You might also move log4j2.properties, but make sure to look into any differences between the two files and/or creating a backup before overwriting.

(Ryan Ernst) #3

For log4j2.properties you likely want to append it to the end of your log4j properties at the root of your config directory.

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