X- pack for elasticsearch and Kibana

I am trying to use ansible to deploy an ELK stack on a centos vm using docker-compose. The first part I am doing is copying the config files to the VM and then mounting it to the docker-compose from that directory. Everything works fine until I turn on X-pack. When x-pack is on. I also transfer the certificate key looking like this.

- "/home/centos/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml:/usr/share/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml:z"
- "/home/centos/elastic-stack-ca.p12:/usr/share/elasticsearch/config/elastic-stack-ca.p12:z"

Here is my elasticsearch.yml

- xpack.security.transport.ssl.enabled=true
- xpack.security.transport.ssl.keystore.type=PKCS12
- xpack.security.transport.ssl.verification_mode=certificate
- xpack.security.transport.ssl.keystore.path=elastic-stack-ca.p12
- xpack.security.transport.ssl.truststore.path=elastic-stack-ca.p12
- xpack.security.transport.ssl.truststore.type=PKCS12

When I run the ansible playbook. all works fine but I need to enter the container and use the set-password utility to set elastic password and it works. I do the same thing for KIbana but it keeps saying "Waiting for Kibana server is not ready yet"

MY main question is that is there anyway I can just pass the passwords using the config and have user change it after. And why cannot I get my KIbana container running.

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