X-Pack Role Based Access to Index/Indices

(h) #1

I am looking for some help setting up index based privileges to the user.

I have create 2 or 3 Indexes. Created 2 users. Created a group and set Monitor as cluster privileges and Index privilege as Read and Monitor

But I was trying to login as user to see the index allocated but in kibana cant see any thing under discovery.
It throws

Error : Config: Error 403 Forbidden: action [indices:data/write/update] is unauthorized for user [xxx]: [security_exception] action [indices:data/write/update] is unauthorized for user [xxx]

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Can you show the roles you have defined for these indices and which roles the users are mapped to?

(h) #3

Thanks Christian. I have managed to work it out.

The issue here was, the user was not assigned to the kibana_user group.

Now I can see, two sample indexes have been configured is working as expected.

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