Xpack License uploading Error

Hi All ,

When I am enabling x-pack license , showing this error.

Error encountered uploading license: Cannot install a [PLATINUM] license unless TLS is configured or security is disabled

I am enabled xpack security and TLS in all nodes . ( 5 node cluster)

Is it make any issue ?

As the message says, you can't install a PLATINUM license to a cluster where security is enabled but TLS is not configured for the transport layer. Your options are as follows:

  • Enable TLS for the transport layer by following our documentation
  • Disable security if you don't plan on using the features that it offers by setting xpack.security.enabled: false in all your nodes.

Have you configured TLS for both the http and the transport layer? If so, can you share the relevant parts of your configuration?

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Hi ,

Actually my TLS conf had some issues . When I am solved it , license updated . Thanks

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