Error when installing license on ES 6.4.0

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I'm trying to install a non-production license on my monitoring cluster, but I'm getting the following error:
Please address the errors in your form.
Error encountered uploading license: Cannot install a [GOLD] license unless TLS is configured or security is disabled

I've set true on the system, and have been running in secure mode for some time. Can anyone point me to the proper resolution?'

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Hi @ccampbell

According to the error message, you need to do either of the two:

(C Campbell) #3

I thought that I'd followed the correct instructions to enable TLS on this system. What is specifically being looked for that I'm missing? The documentation lists a number of steps to follow in setting up TLS. How do I verify if there is a failure occurring? Is the TLS status logged?

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Submitted to Elastic Support.

(Ioannis Kakavas) #5

From what you have shared it looks like you have only enabled TLS for the http layer, but you need to enable TLS for the transport layer
The alternative is to disable security ( false )

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This was exactly the problem, I'd only completed the HTTP stack security configuration, not the transport layer. I've got that configured and it appears to be working correctly now.

Thanks -

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