Yet another invalid internal transport message format error

The console trace snippet is below.

The bug started for reasons I do not understand.
There is an instance of ES on 9300 on another box.
This instance was set to 9250 and was running fine until I attempted to
start another localhost on this box at 9350 and noticed that they (9250 and
9350) wanted to play nice with each other, the upshot being that I couldn't
boot into 9350 with any client.

So, 9400 (was 9250) is running alone now, and still cannot get it to boot
properly. I am booting from a NodeJS client es.js, and it has been running
fine. In fact, the other ES instance on 9300 is driving an es.js online

A socket closes somewhere early in testing for index existence, and all the
options being sent are the same as before.

What am I missing?
Many thanks in advance

[2014-11-10 10:38:00,085][WARN ][transport.netty ] [Boomslang]
exception caught on transport layer [[id: 0xe12df19f, / =>
/]], closing connection invalid internal transport message format

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