Zoom in/out on custom picture


I would like to know if with Kibana it is possible to create our own picture and be able to zoom in/out and put a circle when something has been found. The same as Map functionnalities but on a custom "map". This map can be a warehouse, building level and each dot can be associated with a value.


Hi @Testeur

I think you can use this blog post for inspiration.

In the blog post example we assign image coordinates of a hockey rink to geographic coordinates as a GeoTiff file. Then we host the GeoTiff using a tile server link GeoServer. GeoServer provides a URL that we can add to Elastic Maps as a Tile Map Service to create the zoomable image. In recent versions you can add a "Create Index" layer to draw shapes over the map that will be persisted in an Elasticsearch index.


Thanks a lot. Seems like it's exactly what I was looking for. Going to deep dive in it and see if i'm able to replicate it.

Thanks again

Awesome! We'd love to hear any updates if you can share them.

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