14 days trial - unable to register

I am a developer and I tried subscribing for Elasticsearch Cloud 14 days trial to try things out but I haven't received an email to confirm my email address. Initially I navigated to this link (provided in Udemy course) https://info.elastic.co/udemy-complete-guide-to-elasticsearch-v2.html?ultron=udemy&blade=cpl&hulk=web&gambit=guide-to-es2 and entered my email address and it said please conform your email address but haven't received any email since couple hours. Then I tried subscribing again by navigating from the main page to URL https://info.elastic.co/es-service-trial-rtp-v6.03-2.html?baymax=rtp&elektra=products-ece&storm=ess-int&iesrc=ctr but after I entered my email address and clicked Start Free Trial nothing happens. I checked the spam folder in my mail but nothing there. I am not sure it there is any issue or the service simply no longer works, anyway, I would appreciate your support.

All systems seem to be ok according to: https://cloud-status.elastic.co/
I'm checking. Could you DM me what email address you used to register?

OK, nevermind, I've just received an email now. It's just taken unusually long. Sorry for bothering you.

No problem. Glad you got it at then end. :slight_smile:

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