1st own visualization

I try to create my 1st own visualization. I've got some base code from ES & started to change by my own. And several problems occured:

  1. my IntelliJ tells me that I cannot import {CATEGORY}, {VisFactoryProvider} and so on because it cannot find files like ui/vis/vis_category or ui/vis/vis_factory. Checked - it's right, I cannot find it eighter. Where to install it & from where I can download it?
  2. Original code has following data: title: 'Webinar Vis', icon: 'fa fa-gear', category: CATEGORY.OTHER. I've changed it for respective: 'Summary', icon: 'fa fa-table', category: CATEGORY.DATA but in Kibana I can see "original" data. I cannot see metrics eighter which I've added by myself. How to update Kibana to see "new" values?

Hey @LesioS,

#1: IDEs sometimes struggle to find these references. The ui/vis/* path actually references src/ui/public/vis/*. More generally, ui/* references src/ui/public/*

#2: Are you running Kibana in dev mode? If not, then Kibana would require a full restart to capture any changes you've made. I'd recommend starting kibana with the --dev flag, or via yarn start. This will watch for changes and rebuild Kibana without requiring a full restart/reoptimize. If that's not your issue, then it's rather hard to diagnose your specific scenario without more information

#1. found in D:\Program Files\Elastic\Kibana\6.2.4\src\ui\public\vis
#2. running on ordinary mode - will check --dev mode


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