400 bad request in UI when trying to save a watch in Kibana


Can someone please help. Why am I getting a 400 bad request when trying to save a watch. I am using version 5.5.1 and I have checked the json is valid.

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Is there anything in the Elasticsearch logs which indicates the issue?


Where can I check the Elasticsearch logs?

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Can you provide more informations about:

the OS
how did you install
how do you start the service
everything you think useful?



Hi Rashmi,

I installed it using IBM Cloud Private which usually installs Kibana. I did the install on a Linux VM - x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux. The UI seems to be there and functioning ok apart from when I try to save the watcher. Anything I should try and enable?

Thanks in advance

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Is Elasticsearch also install on IBM Cloud? Do you have access to the instance Elasticsearch is on?

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Do you have X-Pack installed on both Kibana and Elasticsearch?

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