Getting bad request(400) error during _search of Dashboard

I am getting Bad request whenever try to view dashboard in kibana. When dig more, I observed following things.

  1. I will get this error only when elastic.url is accessed through proxy
  2. When i executed same query through POST master i get bad request. And it says query invalid

Note: i have whitelisted all header content in kibana.yml. Since missing header might also cause some problem.

@magnusbaeck Please can you help


what do the kibana-logs and elasticsearch logs say? Is ES getting the requests and responding to them?

This seems more of an issue with the reverse-proxy than with your configuration. Setting the correct elasticsearch.url in the kibana.yml should be sufficient.


Reverse proxy seems to be fine. I have placed a log in actual api which is handling _search.It is reaching that point. Earlier i was not getting "Cookie" headers. Due to which authentication was failing. Later i whitelisted Cookie header in kibana.yml configuration I guess its more to do with header or other information. Since _search is internal call of kibana.

Definately i will take care of proxy part. Please can you let me know if we have to use elastic.url as proxy. Then what are the changes required in kibana.yml to acheive the same. I am using ELK version 6.0.0.

Thanks in advance.

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