[6.2.4] machine learning on scripted field


(olivier hodac) #1

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it seems to work,

It is not possible to select a field name that is not in the list of existing fields (in detectors). but is is not a problem as the JSON can be modified afterwards

My issue is that I cannot see the graph in the single metric viewer. How can I do?:

(Dimitris Athanasiou) #2

Hi Olivier,

It is a known limitation that the Single Metric Viewer does not support scripted fields. The button should be disabled really. I'll take your feedback back to the team.

Kind regards,

(Pete Harverson) #3


Would it be possible for you to post the job configuration you are using (you can copy the config as JSON from the Job Management page - expand the job and switch to the JSON tab)? Or if not, could you confirm if egt_corrected is the scripted field you created in the script_fields section of the datafeed_config of the job?

We don't currently support viewing detectors with scripted fields in the Single Metric Viewer, so the links to the Single Metric Viewer should be disabled for detectors which use scripted fields. However the fact that you managed to open the job for that detector in the Single Metric Viewer makes me think that the checks we are doing aren't quite right.

Many thanks

(Mark Walkom) #4