6.5.0 - Filters not showing new data


I'm noticing that after ingesting new data, that data does not show up when I add any filters or some something like the drop down control viz.

The data is ingested as it shows up in Discovery and manually adding the value to the search bar or filter does filter out the correct data. It's just that when you click add filter -> fieldname -> is -> and then it normally shows a list of all available values but in my case it only shows the values from before creating the index pattern. Any data afterwards doesn't show up though again it is searchable by manually filtering for it.

please open a bug report here: http://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues

Check the range you have selected

Check your column headings

Check for merged cells

Check for errors

Check for other filters

Extra information

If you are finding that your file is starting to become very slow at responding, i.e. the ‘whirly-wheel’ is displayed for more than a few seconds every time you update your file, check that you only selected the table area before you applied Filter, not entire rows, entire columns or the entire worksheet.

Also, if you have applied Filter to multiple tables within the file you might like to remove Filter from any tables you aren’t working with. This may also help eliminate ‘whirly-wheel’ moments vidmate.

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