Kibana input control does not display newly imported data

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Hi all,
I am using the latest Kibana and Elastic stack. My issue is to do with input control, I found it sometimes does not show the newly imported data in the drop down list. I can use the built in filter to filter by the new data but not shown in the drop down. I tried to refresh page but not helpful. Sometimes, it shows the new data after very long time ( several hours). I am hoping to see if there is a solution for that.


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It doesn't show newly created fields or just new values in the dropdown after clicking on the run button?

(David Tung) #3

Hi, it does not show the value(s), the field already existed. And the behavior is quite random, sometimes it doesn't show the new value, sometimes, it doesn't even show the old value which had shown before. And sometimes, it shows the value 'after' long time (few hours, maybe). I tried to restart kibana but it doesn't help. Really strange.
BTW, the value didn't show on 'add filter', but I can manually type in 'add filter' to get my data.

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More info, this field is a list filed as in the image! does input control works with list values? 20%20PM|690x22

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Hello. Did you find any solution to this problem?

Thank you.

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I have workaround, use a heatmap display to let user to click to select the value,one example is shown in the attached image.

BTW, I found the original issue ( not shown in input control ) also happens in simple text data type, not necessarily in the list data type. Did the same issue happens to you?

(Francisca Lima) #7

Yes, creating a chart as a filter is an option, however controls will be more useful in my use case.
And yes, the same issue happens to me.

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Problem solved in this new version of Kibana!

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