Kibana scripted field used in interactive control shows no data


(Elastic stack version 6.7.1 on Centos 7.6 OS)

I have a dashboard that utilizes a control visualization, which specifies a field that is defined in Kibana as a scripted field. I have document data going into Elasticsearch, however, the control does not return any items for the drop down list control to display.

When I configure the Kibana discover app using filtering for the fields used in the scripted field, I am getting a response with data.

I've double checked mappings, etc. The scripted field is defined using only keywords. Really don't understand why the control shows no data. Any suggestions on where/what to check or what can possibly be causing this behavior?



Scripted Field:

Control Visualization:

Discover app:


This is a popular topic today :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately a known limitation with Input Controls:

I've had this configuration in place for ES 6.0.0 and 6.2.4 with no issues being reported. Upgraded to 6.7.1 in April and have several issues raised with this behavior.

If you are saying that indicates this configuration is not supported, then I am ok with that. i can move this stuff into a pipeline.

Thanks for the additional information - I'll add this to the linked issue; that might help the engineers triage this further. I wasn't aware it used to work. For the time being, I'd suggest moving into a pipeline if that's a viable option for you.

It's not a hard failing issue. Been installing stuff from scratch over and over to see if I could identify any causes... Sometimes it works, sometimes not. :slightly_frowning_face:

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