Options list in Controls-Visualization doesn't work properly with scripted field as type static lookup

In my index pattern I have a field "categories.code_a.keyword" of type string. Content can be values like 400, C01, A47, etc..
It must be possible to filter the codes via the visualization "option list". However, the users can't do anything with the codes and want the more readable labels.
I solved this via a scripted field by creating a field "categories.code_a_label" with the format Static Lookup. So I can maintain the translation "code - label" directly in the index pattern and don't have to recreate the index.
The only problem is that the option List doesn't work properly anymore. With the field categories.code_a.keyword I could start typing in the input field of the option List and it showed me all matching codes immediately.
With the new scripted field this is not possible. Even if I enter the exact name, I get the message "doesn't match any option". Another problem is that the code list is quite long, but the option list shows only 10 entries. So the user cannot select all possible codes.
Is there a possibility to display option-list as real drowdonlist with input possibility on scripted fields? Or how can I create a scripted field of type ".keyword"?
Thanks for your help. I'm using Kibana 6.8.0

PS: I still have little experience with Kibana and Elasticsearch :frowning:

Hey @marlich,

It looks like you ran into a known limitation with Input Controls: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17340

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a way to accomplish what you're trying to do, other than to reindex your data.

that's what I was afraid of. Thank you for the prompt answer.

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