Kibana “visualization control” not working for String Field

I have one field named(ID), which in index pattern set as String(even i check with default value type as well).

But when I used "Options list" control visualization for the same field to do the filter, i am not getting the whole value in drop down.

Example: ID is having values as EE-RR-123, EE-RR-234, EE-RR-444.

As mentioned above, after implementing the control visualization, drop down is only showing values


I am not getting why it is happening, i setted that filed value as String only, then this whole field should come as "EE-RR-444" right.

Also we I can see from discover and dev-tools, field is coming as whole sting only(like "EE-RR-444").

Can some one please help. Thanks in advance.

Depending on the version you're using, you should have a field ID.keyword. That is the one that isn't analyzed so it should have the full ID in it. If you don't have it, you'll have to change the type to keyword on ingest instead of text.

my current version is 6.2

It should have ID.keyword. use that one.

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Yes you are right, Earlier my field type was just text, I updated my mapping to field type to keyword and then ID.keyword is coming for new index. Also i did re-index the older indices so that same have to apply for the rest of the indcies as well.

Thanks for your input.

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