How to Use Interactive inputs with String variables

Team, I was using Kibana interactive input control for my visualization part and wanted to use my job id or job name . As it's a string value it does not show in filters, only numeric values like timestamp i'm using now. I want to make a visualization such that if i search by particular job id/job name(which are string) it will show particular things related to that only.

So you have a "jobID" and a "jobName" field that do not show up in the Input Control list?


As i told above timestamp is working fine and similarly i want to build for ApplicationId
Yes and i want to make a filter to search particular Job Id only if i select but its not appearing .17%20AM
Also i wanted to know What this "?" and " t "means in this pic i shared?

You can take a look at the way the sample flight data has set up the input control in order to check that you set you Input Control correctly.
As for the symbols there, they show what type the field is in your index: # for a number, t is for text and the ? is for unknown types of field. What i'm thinking in this case is that you didn't have any data that contained those fields when you created the index pattern. A index cache refresh should be enough to clear it up and even to show them in the Input Control list:

Thanks reloading the index did the job. :grinning:

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