Kibana Control options - show only certain values

Hi all, I'm trying to show only certain dropdown options in my kibana Controls visualization.

For example In my index pattern "fruits" , there is a field "fruit_id".

It has values of both oranges & apples.

Apple Id is 4 digit eg: 1408
Orange ID is 6 digit eg : 226536

I want to show only Apple ID & not Orange ID within same index pattern.
Some of customers see that 6 digit & say they dont want to see 6 digit Orange ID's & only want to see 4 digit Apple Id's.

I tried to put filters in my controls visualization, but still dropdown displaying all values.

Anyway to only show certain values?

I don't believe there is unless you have dashboard level filters.

In all visualizations, if we use filters, it changes values of visualization table or chart below......

But in controls visualization , even if we put filter:

For ex: filter: NOT fruits_id : 226536

Still in Controls dropdown, I get dropdown option as 226536.

There is no effect of filters on controls visualization

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