Unable to Filter Data using Data Table in Kibana


I'm using Data Table Visualisation, recently I have upgraded ELK to 7.5.1 and with the latest version I found an issue.

I have created an Index pattern in kibana without any custom index pattern ID by selecting "I don't want to use any time filter", when I created the report on this index, I can't filter the data and the filter is not applying to the dashboard, but when I filter data with @timestamp as custom index pattern I'm able to filter the data.

I haven't faced this problem in 6.4.3 versions. Kindly help me to solve this that how can I filter the data on the indexes which are created with out any custom index pattern ID's

Thanks & Regards.

Hi @Venkata_Naresh. Sorry to hear that. It looks like there was a bug that affected 7.5.1. I recommend upgrading your stack to 7.5.2 where the bug was fixed.

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