Urgent Help needed: Filter for Value in a Datatable on a Dashboard not responding

Hi Folks,

ELK v7.5.1
Windows Server 16
Chrome, FF (same behaviour)

I got a major issue here for unknown reason.
I have 3 Indicies
I Build for each a Datatable
I create a Dashboard and bring them on
But just one of them is responding if I do + or - to Filter for Values inside the table


Now, if I switch to visualize Filter for Value is working well with each table but not on my Dashbord!?

Please this is major

Is there any Adjustment maybe inside Advanced Setting which handles this ?

Thanks for any reply

I've found there is a bug when adding Index Pattern "without" a timefield
the filter for value on tables does not work.

I tried by adding new indicies with common @timestamp timefield and filter for value is working
on Dashboards!

Will this be a Bug or a Feature
However pls fix it!

Thanks & Regards

Hi Datakids,

Thank you for sharing your recent findings with us.
I'll look into it, and update once we have findings.

Hey Datakids,

I've prepared a PR to fix this issue.

It will be released in 7.5.2 in the next couple of weeks.


Hi Liza,

thanks for your reply and to take action on this.

Hope to see this work in next release.

Thanks and Brgds

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