6.5.0 - Hide "Space" from user?


Is there any option to hide a Space from a certain user? I couldn't find any.

You can, but this requires security to be enabled. This is described in the documentation.

Thanks. Where can I set this? My Elasticloud has a platinum license.

I see, you need to create a role with access to a certain Space.

Is it possible to combine this with a custom "dashboard only" role as the default dashboard only role gives access to all spaces?

Based on the documentation, that does not seem to be possible at the moment. Will let someone from the Kibana team clarify, though.

Thanks. Please let me know what the team says.

If no dashboard only mode is available, that IMHO kind of defeats the point of having Spaces.

There are a couple of issues in GitHub around this that are still open:

there seems to be a way to get it to work, although it is not very well documented and clear. Feel free to provide feedback via GutHub.

Thanks, that did the trick.

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