How to limit visibility of spaces

Is there a way to restrict a user from viewing some spaces? I know i can set them to read only, but for what i want i would need to have users only seeing the spaces they can use, is that possible?

This can be accomplished with Space Privileges. Any user of a role that does not have a specific Space assigned to them will not see that Space.

I tried only setting only one space to a user, but he can still see the other spaces, just not their content.

Do you happen to have the kibana_user or kibana_dashboard_only_user roles assigned to these users yet? If so, remove them, as they're no longer needed with the custom roles you've created.

I dont, i just have the custom role i created, and even if i dont set a specific space, it still shows up when the user logs in

Can you provide the role definition here?

GET /_security/role/<custom-role-name> (docs:

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