Space Restriction - Seeing Other Spaces

I am trying to restrict users from seeing each others spaces when they log in via their own account. When They log in, they should only see their own account. When I look at the restriction features I see;

Dev Tools
Advanced Settings
Index Pattern Management
Saved Objects Management
Stack Monitoring
Machine Learning

But I cannot find a way to get a user to see "only his" space and not others. Can I get some guidance on this operation? Thank you.

provide more information.

do you have role setup?

this is how I do.

Space_name = user1_space
role_name = user1_role
username = user1

now on role you assign space that role can see = user1_space

on user you assign role = user1_role

and that will make user1 only able to login/see user1_space nothing else

Thank you for the assistance. I have done as you suggested and have found that if you use the url that is created for that space it works as you say but if the user simply types IP:5601 instead of the space url, he will see all spaces anyway.

not possible. you must have some setting wrong. I have many user and many space and they are restricted to their own space

when you edit the role there is a option to assign space. here this role can only see 'service desk'
space nothing else

So strange. It seems simple enough. As you say, Role-A has Space-A defined at the bottom and the user has Role-A assigned to him. And when he uses the url that was generated when the SPACE was created it works as you say but if the user simply types XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:5601 instead of the space url, he will see all spaces.

The solution was to remove "kibana_user" from the Roles section. THank you for your help.

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