Kibana Space - Restricting "Default" Space View for custom users

Hello team!
I have tried create new user, new role, new space, customized what user should View and Access. That's worked fine!
However, I'd like new user access only the it's Space and not view Default anymore once login into Kibana. Any easy way to reach that ?

Appreciate any help!

Hi Mauricio, assuming you are on Kibana 7.4.x. You can assign Space privileges in Role setting. For example, Elastic_superuser can view all Spaces but Guest_user can only view Guest_Space.

In addition, you can configure Feature privileges on the same setting page too.

Thanks Zany, In my lab I am using Docker images 7.3.1. I will try load on 7.4.x. Thanks!!!

Hi Zany!
1 - You mean on Kibana 7.4.x should already exist a by default a "Guest_User" ?
2 - I am testing this one under 7.4.2 and haven't found no "Guest_User". Also I have create one test user, role and space I still can view "Default" Space once I login.

Hi Mauricio,

You can set a role to not have access to the Default space, in which case users assigned that role will not be able to see or select it. You do that by going to the role definition UI and removing the space from the list of Kibana spaces that the role can access. This might be of help: "Guest_user" is just an example in the previous response.

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