Discover, Visualize, etc. unavailable for Default space for non-superuser users

What privileges do I need to grant to a role for a user (of that role) so that the user can access the Discover, Visualize, etc. modules of Kibana in the "Default" space?

All our users have a global read access to all spaces, and the Discover and Visualize modules are available in all spaces except the "Default" space.

This is what the module bar in Kibana currently looks like for a non-superuser user in the "Default" space:


Hi @tomhe,

If I understood your use case correctly, there are two requirements that should be fulfilled (see gif below):

  • The Default space itself should show these two features
  • The role user has should give appropriate privileges (either through *Global or Default Space privileges)


OK, so I found the problem, but I don't understand it. We've given all users the built-in role "reporting_user", and it it this role that removes access to the other Kibana modules. If I remove this role, then all modules are available in the Default space.

Is this by design or a bug?

Should I file a bug report?

Hi @tomhe,

I've been told that there is a chance that you put reporting_user in the advanced setting for "dashboard only mode". If so, that would override everything else and only displays dashboards.

Can you please double check that reporting_user isn't included into Dashboards only roles?


Thanks, that was it!

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