6.6.1 moniotring bug under indexes?

It's not a big issue but I'm in the monitoring section of kibana and go to the bottom to see the shards distribution and I can see a legend that tells me what the colours of each block means but I can't actually see what nodes what shards are on. when I was on 6.3.1 which I upgraded from I would have a title called nodes under the legend and it would report the nodes in the cluster and which nodes which shards were on. It's not something I use all the time but I do look it up from time to time. I know I can get it out of the command line if I need to but the GUI is useful.

Hmm, can confirm I have the same issue!

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if I hit _cat/shards I do get results back and if I pipe it to grep "index name" I can see the shard allocation for given indices so the data is coming out the API, Kibana just isn't rendering it.

Known issue and fix will be available soon:

@chrisronline I notice that this was marked closed back in Feb and 6.6.2 came out yesterday but it isn't mentioned in the release notes (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/release-notes-6.6.2.html), do you know when soon might be?

Yes, it should be available in 6.6.2

I'll run an upgrade on my test cluster to validate later but if that is the case might want to get someone to update the release notes.

@Ant Thanks for the heads up on the release notes. We have added them in this PR and after it is reviewed and merged, it should be available on the site within 30 minutes. Cheers!

Thanks Mike

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