[7.12.0] Kibana Line Chart creates Duplicates when more than 10 lines


When creating a Kibana Line Chart Visualization in v7.12.0 or v7.12.1, I encounter an issue that duplicate lines are shown, when adding an eleventh line. In my case, I have 3 y-axes but I observe the same issue for 1 y-axis.

The pictures illustrate the issue:

Here, I have exactly 10 lines. Everything is shown as expected.

Now, I add an eleventh line, "KTist" which results in two new lines for "KTist". I selected the "show dots" option. The dots are shown only for the latter of the two lines. In the screenshot, I hover over the first "KTist" so it is shown in the foreground.

Also, the saved object JSON only shows one entry for "KTist".

This seems to be a bug in Kibana. I do not observe that behavior in v7.4.2.

Can anybody help?

Hey @pruoff. This is indeed a known issue of 7.12 which will be solved with 7.13! [Visualizations] Aggregation based bar charts show same bar twice · Issue #95518 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

For now, you can go to your Advanced Settings and enable the following switch

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Awesome! Thank you

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