Issue With Kibana Line Chart

Hi Team,

I am facing issue with my Kibana line chart:
My log fields looks like in the below image:

And My line Chart looks like in the below image:

My Unique Count on y-axis using the value of fields is 31305
and x-axis is using timestamp
Now I want to filter our record without error id records. When I use to filter our record with loglevel= "error" it still showing me the count of Failure records.

Ii the image above I have a 3 unique records. In my Line graph I want to display only 3 records instead of count of 4 records.
Can you please help me to resolve this issue?

Hey @Sharma3007
Can you please write down as text the data you have and what do you expect to see on the chart?
Because it's a bit difficult to understand if the on the data table you hide the column names, and it's a partial representation of all the data. Also could you describe the chart output a bit more? You say that you you want your count of 4 records, but the dots on the chart is at 11 and the image is cutting the top of the chart.

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