7.8v Dashboard file is not working on 7.7.1v of Kibana

When i try to download the dashboard file from Kibana 7.8v and import it into kibana 7.7.1v it is showing me that there is some error. Do i have to change anything in 7.8th version of Kibana dashboard to work on 7.7.1

This is expected - older versions of Kibana are not compatible with more recent versions.

However I think in this specific version pairing (7.7 -> 7.8) there are no migrations happening, so you can try the approach explained here: Import dashboard in kibana from 7.5.0 version to 7.4.0

I did change the migrationVersion and checked it, it still gave the same error. May be the "version" has also to be changed with the older ones.

Did you change it in every occurence? If you exported referenced saved objects as well, you might have to do the same thing for visualizations. If you can share the export file I can look into it.

here is the dashboard

I have changed it in all occurrences still it shows there is some error on 7.7.1v
when it is replaced from 7.8v

Try setting the version to 7.7.0 instead of 7.7.1.

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