Import dashboard in kibana from 7.5.0 version to 7.4.0

Hi guys , i'm trying to import a dashboard from kibana 7.5.0 version to 7.4.0 ? is it impossible ? because the loading logo in kibana keeps on loading in kibana when i click import !!

Kibana version 7.4.0

thanks in advance.

Hi @haythem,

It's not possible to import exported documents from newer versions into older versions of Kibana. The other way around is fine, though.

The reason for this is that the format of saved objects changes from version to version, and an older version of the software has no way of knowing how the new format looks like.

However I can't see any relevant migrations happening between 7.5 and 7.4. If you open the export file with a text editor, it should specify the version number somewhere like this: "migrationVersion":{"dashboard":"7.5.0"}. Changing that to 7.4.0 should work fine in this specific combination of versions (but not in general). If you also exported related saved objects, there might be multiple of those migrationVersion props, make sure to change all of them. Then the import should go through.

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Thank you for the fast reply, it works now :smiley:

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