7.9.3 plugin icon not showing on navigation bar

Hi, I have upgraded my plugin from 7.6.0 to 7.9.3.

My custom icon no longer renders in the navigation bar

      id: 'wind',
      title: PLUGIN_NAME,
      order: -5000,
      icon: 'plugins/wind/public/wr-icon.png',
      async mount(params: AppMountParameters) {
        // Load application bundle
        const { renderApp } = await import('./application');
        // Get start services as specified in kibana.json
        const [coreStart, depsStart] = await core.getStartServices();
        // Render the application
        return renderApp(coreStart, depsStart as AppPluginStartDependencies, params);

My icon location is the same as it was in 7.6.0


I found the issue after searching the web. The folder for the icon must be changes from "images" to "assets".


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