8.0 Upgrade Assistant cannot reindex

After updating ES and Kibana to 7.3.0 I have been trying to reindex old indices (v6..3.0) to new format using the Upgrade Assistant.

I succeded with a few and the I started at whole bunch (20) reindex processes.
Unfortunately I had to recycle ES which put the jobs in a Cancelled state.

But restarting the jobs does absolutely nothing.
It just reports "Reindexing" - but I can see that nothing changes when looking at the details.
My indices are rather small (< 200mb) so reindexing shoul be rather quick.

Starting reindexing processing on untouched indices doesnt work either (no progress).

I cannot identify any jobs/tasks using GET _tasks.

Can I in any way reset/cncel these jobs - or find the roort cause for this strange bhaviour?


Hm. That sounds like it's possibly a legitimate issue worth opening in GitHub.

I'm not super familiar with this part of Kibana (but I've contacted someone who is, so they may chime in). I think that it is just a thin wrapper on top of Elasticsearch's reindex API. If so, you should be able to work around this by going directly to Elasticsearch and cancelling the reindex operations.

Can I get the response for the reindex status of one of the indices in question?

GET /api/upgrade_assistant/reindex/myIndex

You should be able to re-try the failed re-index in the UI. Are you able to do that? Do you get an error? Are there any errors in the Kibana server logs?

I did that reindexing to three indice one by one when I moved to 7.x
one is still working, two got so messed up. I had to retrieve data and recreate new index.

basically I read what ever field what needed from reindex put it on test machine.
delete reindex and read from test machine back to production and recreated.

No matter if I write myIndex or an indename, I get the same response:

"error": "no handler found for uri [/api/upgrade_assistant/reindex/MyIndex?pretty] and method [GET]"

"error": "no handler found for uri [/api/upgrade_assistant/reindex/logstash-2018.06.25?pretty] and method [GET]"

I can retry the failed index using the UI - but it seems that it doesn't do anything. It just claims that it is reindexing but doesn't show any progress.

I managed to solve the problems.
I downloaded Curator 5..7.6 and used that to reindex every day in each month to a monthly index.
Then I deleted all the original indicies and made a new Index Pattern in Kibana.
Now all my indecies at v7 - and furthermore i managed to reduce number of shrads from more than 4.000 to 76 (way under the new limit of 1.000).
Now I'm only missing upgrading logstash, which teased me a bit as I didn't recieve any new log-entries.

But that is a separate store, which I'll return to, if I need further assistance.

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