Upgrade assistant - how does the reindex helper work?

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Hi, I am in the process of planning the migration of our current Elasticsearch cluster (version 5.2), to version 6.x.

  • Firstly, I was thinking to upgrade to 5.6 in order to have use of Kibana's upgrade assistant. However, it's not entirely clear to me what the upgrade assistant does.
  • This link says there are two functionalities, the first being a cluster checkup and the second being a reindex helper.
  • How does the reindex helper work?:
  • Where will I define the desired new mapping for each index?
  • What happens when the data is loaded into the v6 index mapping structure? - Will it keep the copies of my v5 indices as well? (I don't want v5 indices to be deleted as I have an app that runs search queries against them, this will otherwise break if their structure changes.)

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